Terms and Conditions of Use

By registering to Helsinki’s Material Bank you accept rules & regulations of usage and understand that these materials can solely be used when marketing and promoting Helsinki as a city and as a travel destination. Helsinki Marketing and the photographer’s name must be mentioned at all times. Helsinki Marketing is a marketing company owned by the City of Helsinki.

Terms and conditions for the use of Helsinki Material Bank.

1. Guidelines for the use of images

1.1. The images can be used for free when marketing or promoting Helsinki as a travel destination or as a city brand.

1.2. The images must not be used for commercial purposes i.e. productions intended for sale, with the exception of travel and tourism.

1.3. If the images contain/reproduce works of art or other copyrighted works, the user is responsible for clearing the rights with the copyright holder/Helsinki Marketing. Helsinki Marketing accepts no liability for the artist's copyright.

1.4. The photographer and Helsinki Marketing must be credited (unless some other party is to be given the credit information). The credit must be placed on the photograph itself, directly under it or in the immediately surrounding area. Crediting can be done by using the mouse-over function on websites and in applications if this is more expedient. For more information, please contact rebekka.lehtola@hel.fi.

1.5. Changes can be made in the form of cropping, but images must not be otherwise manipulated. The images must not be altered or reproduced in a manner that may damage the photographer’s reputation.

1.6. Images that have been ordered can only be used in the production for which the order was placed. They must then be deleted. If the user wants to use the photographs in further productions, they must be re-ordered.

1.7. The images cannot be lent, sold, handed over or in any other way transferred to other parties without Helsinki Marketing’s consent.

1.8. If the conditions for the use of the images are not complied with, the use will be invoiced at the individual photographer’s applicable rates. The user is solely responsible for all image use. The user is also required to hold Helsinki Marketing harmless from claims from image copyright holders arising from any use which violates these Terms and Conditions.

1.9. Helsinki Marketing shall be free to revoke right of use of the images and/or exclude the user from future use of the image bank.

1.10. Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions shall be adjudicated under Finnish law by the District Court of Helsinki

2. Guidelines for the use of videos

2.1. All video clips can be downloaded and used for free in low-resolution format. Video clips can be downloaded and used in their original form (with the Helsinki logo) for the purpose of marketing and promotion of Helsinki as a tourism destination, or to create interest in and build the reputation of Helsinki as a tourism destination and city. This permission does not apply when the object concerns television or cinema commercials.

2.2. The name of Helsinki Marketing must always be credited whenever videos are displayed. Helsinki Marketing’s approval is required in cases where the user/broadcaster is a commercial entity. This applies to the use of entire videos as well. For excerpts/clips from the videos or HD material, please contact helsinki.marketing@hel.fi

2.3. The videos cannot be cut or used partially or the soundtrack changed without special permission from Helsinki Marketing, who will consider each request individually. If video clips and/or films contain/reproduce works of art or other copyrighted works, the user is responsible for clearing the rights with the copyright holder/ Helsinki Marketing.